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Principal, Mariah Jane is a native of beautiful Northern California.  After recieving a degree in ecology + botany, she spent time exploring the globe, evenutally settling in San Francisco to work and study interior architecture + design at UC Berkeley.  Her designs are inspired by the rich cultural and natural diversity she has encountered throughout the world and within her local community. Having recently moved to the DC area, Mariah Jane brings a modern California aesthetic and fresh approach to design. 


Mariah Jane's work is clean and contemporary, retaining warmth through textiles, intriguing materials and found objects. She believes it is possible to create a unique living space that is both comfortable and functional.  To find this balance she enjoys, for example, the juxtaposition of an antique object from a client's travels against a modern piece. She believes a space should have personal meaning and connection for the client, not simply a museum in which they live or work.



The spaces in which we live and work are a reflection of ourselves and our culture.  They are an opportunity to express our efforts, loves and dreams.  A reflection of our lives, they are a place to produce, celebrate or simply enjoy.  The design process begins by getting to know each client and how they use their space, their lifestyle, their culture, and their experiences.  Incorporating these attributes, each space is distinctively designed.  After talking with you and discussing the scope of work, a concept is created defining the vision for the space.  The concept contains images both abstract and specific reflecting tone and general direction. Together with the client, the concept is reviewed, honing the look and feel.  After the concept process, a project palette is developed defining color, texture and general selections.  Working from the palette, concept, scope and budget, selection options are presented for furniture, accessories and other details. 



Atelier M is a full service interior design firm.  We also provide consultation services including color consultation, custom furniture design, and staging.  We also provide design consultation services to architects, contractors and their clients, including sourcing and selection of finishes, fixtures and color. 

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